Update: Help Your Pets Make Better Choices

An earlier post Help Your Pets Make Better Choices left off by mentioning some ways of improving your pets drinking water. One of them was to begin filtering out suspended particles left behind after the aeration process. Having returned to the pet fish section at Wallymart for inspiration, a simple and effective solution comes from the same technology used to provide healthy aquatic environment for little Nemo: the Internal Filter.

In addition to providing aeration, the activated carbon filters help remove much of the suspended particles that we are targeting and all of the sediments and light particles left behind after visits to the bowl. The model we used is air driven and our air pump has two outlets so it fits in well with our existing setup. Keeping the bowl full improves efficiency and it's much easier to replenish a dish than wash it twice a day, healthier for your pet, and easier on the environment.

The next stage is to coordinate some lab time and start collecting samples and data to determine how effective this process is and for how long it can operate before the filter needs changing.

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