DIY Solar Lawn Mower

We all know that mowing our lawns with gas mowers creates an enormous amount of air and noise pollution. In fact the average gas mower creates as much air pollution as driving the family car on a 200 mile trip and we all know how annoying they sound when you are trying to sleep in on the weekend.

I was doing some research on solar lawnmowers, looking for somebody that’s hacked an old Sunbeam electric cord mower to run off solar power. Having endured ridicule from friends and neighbors long enough, I thought it was finally time to cut the cord for good and breathe new life into an otherwise great machine. What was I thinking! It turns out old green won’t be coming out of retirement without some serious retrofit, time, and money.

A much more elegant solution is to find a used battery powered lawn mower, and simply attach a cable for a solar panel to the rechargeable batteries. It’s less expensive or labor intensive and a project anyone can handle. This Instructable shows how to retrofit an electric mower with a solar panel for charging. Have fun!

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